Juventus Vs Chelsea in the Round of 16 Champions League

Juventus in a position behind Chelsea in rivalitasnya with 16 innings in the big Champions League. To improve the situation, one of the important factors that support is needed tifosi.

Troops "Zebra" swallow 0-1 defeat at pay a visit to London on the second club meeting the first two weekends ago. On Tuesday (10/3/2009) tomorrow night, or Wednesday dinihari WIB, the parties have the opportunity because Juve act as host. In the match Juventus vs chelsea in the round of 16 league champions.

For coach Claudio Ranieri, playing in the Olimpico Stadium in Torino is not enough without the support of the maximum suporter. He has to see to believe because the evidence, that the function Juventini for Alessandro Del Piero et al is very large. Evidence is most evident when Juve entertain Real Madrid in Group H elimination league champions ago on October 21. With the help of about 25 thousand fans, the Bianconeri successful team in Spain with a strong 2-1 score.

Stadio Olimpico is only half of the capacity of their stadium, delle Alpi, which is able to accommodate 60 thousand spectators. However, the most important is how the atmosphere makes the tifosi in Turin as "hell" for those London.

List of Juventus players are absent when determining life and death in the match Juventus vs chelsea in the round of 16 league champions.
- Half respited Mohamed Sissoko with a broken foot injury in the Turin derby.
- Winger Marco Marchionni also doubtful, while the two back Nicola Legrottaglie and Zdenek Grygera escape from a bad injury and could be fit

Ranieri on the front lines will likely pair with Del Piero David Trezeguet.


Komodo is a native animal Flores Island, Nusa Tenggara. Most islands Komodo this place is named in accordance with the name of this animal when found in the 1910, namely Pulau Komodo (Komodo Island).

Giant lizard-lizard including the nearly extinct animal with a population of wildlife in less than 4000 head. To protect the Komodo, in 1980 agreed to establish conservation areas in the Komodo National Park on Komodo Island and small islands in the surrounding areas.

And a population of Komodo dragons in the last three decades is the decline and threatened the existence, mainly due to deer hunting activities, as the main prey. Even the population on the island of Padar has been missing since the late 1990s, when, in the early 1980s, the Komodo dragons can be found in there. Attention and conservation efforts should be given this species in particular, because the population toward extinction Komodo.

For some residents on the island of Komodo, animals are considered more dangerous to humans than crocodiles, because the water in the womb liurnya bacteria that can cause serious infections.

Typically, marriage Komodo season occurs between June to July. In August, a female Komodo will excavate a nest mound former burnt bird nest (Anas reindwardt) on the hill, and nest hole in the ground, to save the eggs can reach 38 grains. Komodo eggs are usually guarded by mother, but a new child born in the month of February or March is not kept, even often eaten.

Komodo need five years to grow to the size of two meters and can hold up to 30 years of life. Entering the 4-5 year period is the beginning of sexual maturity Komodo.

Medicine Using Honey

Below is a list of 15 recipes using honey treatments. What type of honey benefits of this treatment on 15? These include: ulcer, breathless, High Blood Pressure, Heart Burn, Constipation, tonic, Overcoming lumbago, strengthen the heart muscle, To Sexual Strength, passion Eliminate Bad Sex Because of overcharging, the Good Food For Babies, overcome nausea - In pregnant women nausea, Crashes bile, inflammation Lambung, urinating No Current Conditions and weary And listless, Skin Toner (soup, Melembutkan, damp and Skin), Cleaning Face Every Day, Hair Conditioner (Hair and Skin Health Head)

Anyone know, honey most useful, have a rival honey. Because I want to share this treatment tips. Hopefully useful.

1. Ulcer
Morning wake up sleeping Mix two tablespoon honey with 3 / 4 warm water, slosh and drink. Some time before sleeping, drink honey and return hot water.

2. Stive
half a spoon of black cumin mashed, pour hot water glass three-quarters, after the warm filtered, Mix two tablespoon honey drink twice a day.

3. High blood pressure
One Mengkudu clean the skin and seeds, pulp plus one tablespoon honey, half the lemon juice is made, for two for breakfast and dinner. This recipe is also beneficial for heart disease, diabetes, fatigue, digestive disturbances, and prevent senility.

4. Burns
Honey mixed with vaseline in the same measure, given the burns, each morning and afternoon, until the skin is burnt skin, skin insyallah as though you did not burn at all

5. Constipation
Drinking a glass of cold milk mixed with one spoon of honey every morning and evening, this will soften the dirt and clean the gut with very clean.

6. Tonic
Stimulates memory, appetite, and increase body weight. Take a ripe mango flesh, such as destroyed in the juice and water added to 3 / 4 cup plus 1.5 tbsp honey and milk according to taste. Try to drink two times a day.

7. Overcoming lumbago
30 grams of leaves Kucai and 25 gr-sliced ginger slices, then the juice. Add 60 cc ago honey drink. Eat 2 x day.

8. Strengthen the heart muscle
1 tbsp honey put in a little water and then mixed with pomegranate skin is boiled with a small fire and not to boil.

9. Eliminate backwash passionate sex excessive
Drink fresh coconut water with a little honey added, it can eliminate the above problems.

10. THE GOOD FOOD infant
Ambon banana mixed with milk and honey is the best food for babies.

11. Overcome nausea nausea ON-pregnant women, INTERFERENCE bile, the body tired listless AND
1 Glass of carrot extract mixed with 1 HR honey 1 teaspoon lemon extract, consumed before breakfast

1 orange peel fruit plus 1 tbsp honey and diblender with fine. Gosokkan mixture slowly to the face and leave until 15 minutes ago basuhlah your face with warm water to clean the compound.

14. Cleaning Face EVERY DAY
Mix 1 tbsp honey with a little milk powder in a hand. provided in the face to clean all the dirt and make-up. Basuh ago to clean with warm water.

15. Hair Conditioner (Health and scalp hair)
Mixed ½ cup honey and 1 tbsp olive oil. Give to the hair and scalp, then cover and let it take up to 30 minutes in a closed condition. After 30 minutes, Rinse and shampoo your hair as usual.

Food Products Containing melamine

Bear Brand milk or more we know the bear milk into a list of 10 Food Products Containing melamine findings YLKI called call-hazardous for health. In fact, not a few of the Indonesian people who consume Bear Brand Milk (Milk bear), the first condition when the body is not fit, or pain, usually Nestle Bear Brand Sterilized Milk Low Fat is a production of F & N Dairies Thailand became one of the options to restore stamina.

Then what, 10 List of Food Products Containing YLKI melamine based on the research:
1. Nestle Bear Brand Sterilized Milk Low Fat (Milk bear)
2. Kino Bear chocolate krispi
3. Yake Assorted Candies chocolate candy-shaped long
4. F & N condensed milk sweet
5. Tirol Choco Mix candy
6. Dutch Mill yoghurt
7. Pura UHT Low Fat Milk Beverage
8. Crown Lonk taste chocolate biscuits
9. Fan Fun biscuits
10. Yake Assorted Candies chocolate candy-shaped oval flexible.

10 Register of Food Products Containing melamine, and perhaps one of them is a favorite of your family, or at least once to enjoy the occasional 1 or 2 of 10 List of Food Products Containing melamine melamine, which is a chemical commonly used as a mixture of making plastics.

In the news media also mention a few, in fact, to avoid milk products to avoid melamine, is very difficult. Particularly on the process of making these products, that are associated with the protein. But the Minister of Health will not assert a bit of tolerance, of food products containing melamine, although some large countries that provide the limit of tolerance of the products contain melamine.

Hopefully the course, the appearance of information on the 10 list YLKI Food Products Containing melamine not only wind ago & a sheer fabrication, but there is real follow-up of the Government.

In the list of 10 Food Products Containing melamine, and of course find the info as much as possible about the truth or not, the danger of melamine, and the more carefully select the food.

Chelsea victory over Juventus in the Champions League

Didier Drogba goal and present a print host Chelsea victory 1-0 over Italian club Juventus in the first leg play-16 large round Champions League, Wednesday early morning. Chelsea winning since 12-minutes to the Ivory Coast striker's home. Gol began Salomon Kalou from the bait, the line passes behind Juventus. Frank Lampard back for the ball was Drogba, who continue with the backlash that can not even dihadang number one goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon Timnas Italy.

However, Chelsea can not be the next goal to add even more BPL English League clubs often get the opportunity, especially in the first round. Drogba, who find the show's best with the coming of a new coach Guus Hiddink, hampil print a goal again when standing are free to forage menyamput Lampard corner kick. But he is less quick to menyundul ball.

Juventus seeks to equate the position. However backlash Alessandro Del Piero can dihalau Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech, while the broad sundulan Amauri. Victory over Chelsea in the league champion Juventus with a 1-0 result is not lolosnya ensure Chelsea to the final quarter as the second leg on March 10 Juventus had a reply before the Olimpico stadium suporternya in Turin.